How do I size the designs?
All of the designs can be ordered in Micro, Small, Standard, or Large.
What this means when scaling is the design will repeat ever so many inches and this causes the items in the design to also change sizes. Everything will scale accordingly based on the size chosen
Here are the repeat details:
Micro: 3x3 The design repeats every 3 inches
Small: 6x6 The design repeats every 6 inches
Standard: 9x9 The design repeats every 9 inches
Large: 12x12 The design repeats every 12 inches
Here are some examples of one of our designs in the different scales. Gilded Princess, like all of our designs, will change size vertically as you see with the red line. I have listed the inches of an element in the design showing the size it would be with each scale change so you can see the difference.
As always keep in mind with our Micro scale that If the design you choose is very detailed the actual design may get lost in the micro-scale. We let you know this upfront as some designs in Micro look perfect and some are hard to distinguish. (See our post about Micro under the featured tab at the top of the page.)
The sizes will vary when you order based on the way the design was originally made, details in the actual design, and so on. These photos provided here are an estimate to help you decide on what scale you would like for your project.
We stand behind our scales and guarantee satisfaction, but each design will differ. The only scale we leave at your own discretion and will not exchange is Micro as this is a scale that is offered just for your convenience. So make sure and ask yourself before ordering Micro..." Is the design simple and the details will show or is my design very detailed and the details will all blend together with a tiny design?" This will help you greatly when choosing Micro as your scale.