Terms and Conditions

At checkout, you will check a box before proceeding that states the following:

You agree that you are aware the Ready To Ship items will have RTS in the title. If you do not see RTS in the title, your item is a PREORDER item. RTS will ship to you within 7 business days, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  At checkout you have an option to purchase expedited 24 hour shipping (excluding weekends and holidays). This is something we offer to you.

We print in April and September. If you purchase preorders between those dates , your item will print when our next print day arrives. At that time the tat is 8 weeks.

You agree that you are aware that if combing RTS (Ready to ship) and Preorder items on one invoice you will have to wait until preorders arrive to receive your order due to one shipping fee collected. To prevent this, make two separate purchases, one RTS and one Preorder so we can ship out your RTS ( Ready to ship) right away.

**** You agree that you will not receive a refund if you purchase preorder items by mistake as we can not refund special orders.  *****